Project - Shiho

Posted by Thanh Tran on September 1, 2009. 1 min read.

Campaign microsite for Sony Ericsson C905 – code name Shiho. This site features Cairngorm MVC framework and a flexible localization mechanism. Every text in the site is configurable via XML. The embedded fonts with specific character sets are selectively loaded for different languages. (For e.g: basic Latin for English, French; Cyrillic for Bulgarian, Russian…) Non-embedded languages like Chinese are also possible. Animations which demonstrate the phone features are made with Flash IDE and loaded into the Flex-based application progressively to optimize bandwidth.

My role: Team leader (during localization phase), Flash developer

Tech notes:
  • Flex 3 / Actionscript 3
  • Cairngorm MVC micro-architecture framework
  • Loaded CSS (dynamic font & styles)
  • Flex’ custom effect
  • Flash + Flex combination
  • XML-based localization
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