Project ASB Minisites

Posted by Thanh Tran on March 12, 2010. 1 min read.

ASB Horsemen Minisite

This is an all-flash minisite for a key flying performer team from Air Show Buzz community. This site is to deliver videos, photos and other information related to the team in a centralized and convenient way. The site features PureMVC framework in the front-end flash site and PHP as backend services. The site was designed in a way that new contents and panels can be added/removed dynamically, and theme color can be changed via XML-based site config. (In fact, with the same swfs, it has been cloned into a few other minisites.)

My role: Technical leader

Tech notes:

  • Flash 9 / Actionscript 3
  • PureMVC framework
  • Flash CS3 & Flex SDK workflow
  • Clearspring sharing service
  • Google Map API for Flash

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