Project Snow Fight

Posted by Thanh Tran on December 25, 2010. 1 min read.

Snow Fight Game
Another internal case-study project of Pyco Flash team to research multiplayer game with Red5. This is a 2D top-view real-time shooting game whose gameplay is similar to CS2D – you control your character moving round with WASD keys and aim and shoot with your mouse. The game showcases real-time synchronization among clients in a precision and fast-pace environment. The team have learnt a lot from the book ActionScript for Multiplayer Games and Virtual Worlds and apply what we learnt successfully to this game.
I designed and proposed the game concept and detailed requirements. I also joint to develop the character control and foundation of client-server synchronization.
My roles: system designer, technical supporter
Tech notes:
Click here to try the game. (Because this is a multi-player game, make sure you invite your friends to join).
Login screen Battle room screen Game over screen