Pyco Flash Framework (Beta)

— 2 minute read

Pyco Flash Department has just released its beta version of Pyco Flash Framework (PFF). Its capabilities are demonstrated via our team’s minisite at

This framework is aim to

  • Set up a standard foundation for almost all Pyco Flash projects. I must say “almost” because some projects may not benefit from deploying PFF, especially ones that are too small and their file size is really a matter. (PFF and PureMVC take up to ~ 90 kB in the main swf).
  • Reduce the time and hassle of setting up the same project’s frame and common components over again. And therefore, reduce the effort spending on the project.
  • Drive team members to a new development approach which helps improve teamwork collaboration and source code’s maintainability

PFF features some of the latest techniques and approaches in the Flash universe:

  • Flex SDK compilation:
    • Deploy FlashCS 3/4 & Flex SDK workflow
    • Using precompiled libraries SWC extensively to separate UI and logic and to accelerate project build time
    • All SWFs are compiled using Flex SDK compiler
    • Build and deployment can be automated using build script like FlexANT, ANT, batch…
  • The framework core is based on PureMVC and Loadup utility
  • An MVC-based page manager.
    • The page manager supports external (loaded) and internal pages. Demo: Login form is an internal page (no waiting for loading). Researches' framework top page is a internal blank containing page
    • Popups are supported (special pages which appear on top of other pages) Demo: Login form is a popup
    • Custom transition for each page. Demo: Member page
    • Page redirection. Demo: Redirection from Researches top page to Research Intro
    • Linking page redirect users to an external URL. Demo: Forum
    • Page accessibilty which requires authentication. Demo: Works (who wants to see this page may contact me for the password)
    • The deeplinking module can be activated or omitted completely from project's build
    • Page system has deep linking by default (if deep linkng is activated). Demo: All pages in the demo
    • Especially, each page can implement its own sub-deeplink logic. This is an unprecedented feature which never be seen in other frameworks. Demo: Gallery page
  • Multilingual support and dynamic fonts loading. A unique text style manager which centralized all fonts assets and styles. No character is embeded twice.
  • A tracking manager which is designed to handle multiple tracking services at the same time. Trackers can be activated/deactivated completely from source code. Currently support Omniture, Webtrends and GoogleAnalytics. Future tracking services can be plugged in easily.
  • Common utilities and controls: Scrollbar, Tooltip, StringUtil, Cookies, Random...
  • Other modules and features to bundle in the framework: TBD

We are currently making the documents and API reference for it. Next step is to train every member of the team the usage of PFF.