Project: In2Ideas HTML5 Website

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This is the complete rework of the front page of my (now ex) agency to show case our experiences and expertise. The concept was that the whole site is a mind map which is often associated with brainstorming & ideas generating.

The key feature of the site is the mind-map-like navigation in which you can drag to move in any direction. It works on both desktop and tablet's browsers. Looping animations are made of SVG graphics which were authoring in Flash and then converted to Google Swiffy. The dynamic dash lines were programatically drawn on HTML5 Canvas. To support older browser (IE8+), Flash will be in place of the SVG & Canvas graphics.

My roles: technical researcher, key front-end developer.
Technical highlights: HTML5, CSS3, RequiredJS, jQuery, Google Swiffy, FlashCanvas

Live URL:

More screen shots:
Interaction demo: