Knowledge vs. Experience

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Knowledge & Experience
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Recently, I am annoyed with some people thinking they can use their education and training to overcome lack of experience, or in other words, claiming that knowledge can replace experience. Though it has been said before, I want to express it again in my own thoughts and from my own experience (not a pun):

Knowledge can be trained. Experience cannot.

Knowledge can be get from books. Experience can only be earned from doing.

Knowledge can be stuffed in a short time. Experience requires time.

Knowledge lets you do a task properly. Experience lets you do that task quicker and more efficiently.

Knowledge shows how to fix problems. Experience shows how to find the causes.

Knowledge reduces the errors you make. Experience helps you correct them gracefully. (And as human, we will never be error-free)

Knowledge can only lead to ability. Experience can lead to mastery.

With knowledge, you can do OK work. With experience, you can do GREAT work.