Jekyll Read Time Helper without Plugins

— 2 minute read

Searching the web for a Jekyll / Liquid template helper that show “read time” of a post without plugins (so that it’ll work for GitHub Page) will probably land you at this post by Carlos Alexandro Becker. I also tried the solution of that post which I’ll quote it here (assuming 180 word-per-minute):

<span class="reading-time" title="Estimated read time">
    {% assign words = content | number_of_words %}
    {% if words < 360 %}
        1 min
    {% else %}
        {{ words | divided_by:180 }} mins
    {% endif %}

This partial is okay except for those posts that has words count between 180 - 360 which will result as 1 min instead of 2, and words count between 360 - 539 will result as 2 min instead of 3…

So I have revised the solution with my own as following:

<span class="reading-time" title="Estimated read time">
    {% assign words = include.content | strip_html | number_of_words %}
    {{ words | divided_by: 180 | plus: 1 }} min read.

Since Liquid filter divided_by will round down the result if input is integer (0.5 to 0, etc.), adding back 1 will correct this, with the only flaw that any fractions of minute will now be rounded up to one minute.

Besides the new read-time algorithm, I’ve also added the strip_html filter to the partial and use include parameter so that it’ll work correctly with consistent min read value regardless of the context it is used. For example, if it is placed in post layout, we will add the partial like so:

<p class="meta">
    <span>Posted by {{ }} on {{ }}.</span>
    {% include read-time.html content=content %}

If it is used in blog index, such as index.html, it’ll be added like this:

{% for post in paginator.posts %}
<div class="post-preview">
    <a href="{{ post.url | prepend: site.baseurl }}">
        <h2 class="post-title">{{ post.title }}</h2>
    <p class="post-meta">
        <span>Posted by {{ }} on {{ }}.</span>
        {% include read-time.html content=post.content %}
{% endfor %}

My blog has been updated with read-time partial with the adjustment that I’m using 265 WPM as per Medium recommendation[^1].

So, that’s it. Any comments are welcomed.

[^1]: It was 275, but it seems they recently updated.