My 2023 Lookback

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Me presenting at Vietnam Web Summit 2023
Me presenting at Vietnam Web Summit 2023

This blog is getting quite some dust. It’s been a while and I was too busy with daywork, technical research and especially a family with 2 kids. I regreted a little bit that I should have kept a habit of writing.

Anyhow, here I am, at the end of of 2023. I jotting down my recap of 2023 as a chance to look back and appreciate what I have achieved and also to restart my writing habit.

Professional permalink rearchitect and revamp
  • 🚢 Released and deep dived in OAuth & OpenID Connect
  • 🚢 Released first stable version 1.0 of Chợ Tốt Design System after 2+ years of research, cross-domain collaboration and execution
  • 🚢 Strengthen Chợ Tốt’s users authentication with SMS-based MFA
  • ✅ Fought (and won) the uphill battle against Facebook Data Assessment ordeal

Personal permalink

screenshot of my testing out StableDiffusion image generation
Me testing out Stable Diffusion
  • ⌨️ Switched to Neovim completely and set up a portable nvim config based on NVChad
  • 🖼️ Dipped one toe into Generative AI with Stable Diffusion, Automatic1111, LLM and Langchain
  • 🔑 Researched WebAuthn and passwordless tech solutions; delivered a presentation at Vietnam Web Summit 2023
  • 📜 Learned Go lang, Python
  • 📚 Read (mostly listen to) 08 books
  • 🚙 Traveled to 09 different towns and city with team and family.
  • 🛝 Raised 2 boys (5 and 9 year old) without going insane.
selfie of my family at Quy Nhon Explora Science center
My family trip to Quy Nhon, Vietnam. At Explora Science Quy Nhon.

More images:

screenshot of Chotot Web design system
Chợ Tốt Clad UI Design System (closed source)
screenshot of my Neovim with custom NVChad config
Screenshot of my Neovim with custom NVChad config
screenshot of Facebook Data Assessment dashboard
Multiple submissions at Facebook Data Assessement dashboard. I've spent many hours gathering documents, collecting info from owners, writing up explanations and appeal to finally pass this cumbersome process.