Browser Extension: NAU Tab

An light-weight extension that replaces browser’s default new tab with a custom tab with beautiful wallpaper fetched from Unsplash or your own photos.

Install: permalink

Install from Chrome Webstore  Install from Mozilla Firefox Add-ons

Or get the source code from Github.

Current features: permalink

  • Clock and period of the day greetings.
  • Quotations for inspiration.
  • The wallpapers are fetched from Unsplash and changed every hour. Unsplash wallpapers are changed in response to period of the day.
  • You can use your photo as wallpaper in the settings window.
  • You can personalize the greeting by clicking on the greeting’s name.
  • You can re-select or define your own the quick links (top left) in the settings window.
  • Settings window opened from bottom left cogwheel icon allows customize wallpaper mode, quicklinks, clock positions…
  • Zero tracking. (Yes, I use this for myself and I don’t include tracking whatsoever.)
Nau Tab screenshot
NAU Tab screenshot

Planned features: permalink

  • Monthly calendar widget (with solar-lunar dates)
  • Current and next hour weather forecast (if free service available)
  • Countdown timer or year progress
  • Self-care reminder
  • (Your suggestions…)

FAQ & Back story: permalink

1. Why is it called NAU Tab?

This browser extension was originally made as new tab for NAU Studio's team with quick links to our internal resources and websites. As I'm making this extension standalone, I'd like to keep the original name, but now as acronym for: Not Another Useless Tab

[To be updated]

Visit my github page for more details and feature roadmap. If you have any queries or requests, please post a comment below or leave a Github ticket.